Bring the team together through meaningful virtual social activities

Immersive activities for remote workers to come together and have fun at work. Learn more about your coworkers and make everyone feel like part of the team.

Keeping your team connected

Remotely helps virtual teams build stronger connections. Our activities are designed to enhance team performance, productivity and ‘feel-good vibes’.

Happier and more loyal

Employees report that meaningful team activities are likely to keep them in the job longer. A strong sense of community fosters loyalty and higher job satisfaction.

Prevent burnout

Employees who feel social connections are less likely to experience burnout.

20% more productive

Playing a game together for just 30 minutes improves team performance. It even beats traditional team-building activities!

More psychological safety

Social activities are the best way to maintain a sense of connection, so there’s a greater feeling of trust in the team.

Sustainable team performance

Teams report higher productivity when they’re satisfied with interactions from social activities.

Onboarding new team members

Building connection with the team is key to onboarding. Social activities help new starters feel like one of the team.

Why Remotely?

Simple 2-minute setup

You don’t need to spend hours planning a social event. Just send your team a link to the virtual theme park, choose your activity, and have fun.

Social, and meaningful

Small moments of delight

Natural Interactions

What people are saying

Activities for everyone




Quiz Royale

Team building game

Gnomes and Moles Forest Feud

Building relationships


Meet new people

Public room